Treasures Cherished Teddies – Willie and Wylie – Set of 2


Cherished Teddies – Willie and Wylie – Priscilla Hillman 1994

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This adorable pair are “Willie” – “Bears of a Feather Stay Together” and “Wylie” – “I’m called Little Friend”.

“Willie” is dressed in a white fringed vest, patched moccasins, a headband with a real feather and has a quiver with two arrows. Wylie” has a loin cloth, white ‘beaded’ moccasins, a necklace, and wears a blue accented headband with his little  donkey friend at his side. Obviously they are best buddies.

The Cherished Teddies adorable figurines are well known for their details. The patches on the arms and feet displayed on both Willie and Wylie are just an example. Even the donkey is rich with details.

“Willie” measures 2 5/8” tall and 2 5/8” wide while “Wylie” is 3 1/4” tall and 2 5/8” wide. Both figurines are also numbered on the bottom of their feet and would be a great addition to any little side table, dresser, or shelf. They’d even be happy on the fireplace mantle!

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