Treasures Cherished Teddies – Winnie the Pooh – “Forever My Hunny”


Cherished Teddies – Winnie the Pooh – “Forever My Hunny”

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Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh and Cherished Teddies? Well, with this little guy you get both! He stands 3 1/2” tall and is 1 3/4” wide. As with all Cherished Teddies collectibles, the detailing is incredible. Apparently he’s been eating lots of honey, too, because he’s heavier than he looks.

This little teddy is wearing an adorable yellow jumpsuit with a hood and dressed as Winnie the Pooh. With a bright balloon in his left hand and holding a pot of honey in his right, he’s just as sweet as the honey he’s spilling on his foot. Look closely and you’ll also see the two little bees that are hovering over the jar of honey, too.

From his ‘fuzzy’ little ears, to the ‘Pooh’ name on his shirt, to his stubby little feet, you’ll love him whether you give him as a keepsake or gift, or simply keep him for yourself.


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