Treasures Children’s Rhyme Figurine Display Stand


Children’s Rhyme Figurine Display Stand

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This ingenious display stand is a solid, heavy, ceramic, single molded piece that appears to be books. They are staggered at different heights to show off your most precious figurines. Its even hand painted to make the edges look worn and handled.

The ‘books’ are angled to show the names of the childhood rhymes on the bindings and they include Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; Little Miss Muffett; Little Bo Peep; Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son; Little Jack Horner; and Jack and Jill.

This very unique stand will hold a large collection of any special items you have. At the widest points, the stand measures 14″ long, 3 1/3″ tall, and 10″ wide and the bottom has identifiable marks.

Its perfect for a child’s room or to display any kind of knick knacks on a shelf, table, or in a china cabinet. This is the only one I have so don’t wait!


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