Earrings Genuine Red Jasper Gemstones Brazil Silver Wires Wrapped Swirls


Earrings – Genuine Solid Red Jasper Handcrafted Wire Wrapped

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If you look closely, you’ll see faint threads of individuality in these stones as any true Red Jasper has. They are beautiful! That individuality also comes through in the wire wrapping since neither stone is a replica of the other. That allows the wire to hug each separately which also shows the handcrafted aspect of this unique pair.

As with all my jewelry, I only make one-of-a-kind and never make exact duplicates of anything. So, if you find something that you think will be perfect for you or the perfect gift for someone you love; remember when its gone; its GONE!

For those who are interested, you can get more info about Red Jasper at this link.



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