Necklace – Bird Nest Copper Wire Bead Eggs Chain Lobster Clasps Your Choice #1-#6


Necklace – Bird Nest Copper Nest Bead Eggs Chain Lobster Clasps Your Choice #1-#6

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All 6 of these birds’ nests are one-of-a-kind in keeping with all the jewelry I make. I have them numbered 1 through 6 to help you make your favorite choice and to make certain I send you exactly the one you ordered whether its one, or all six of them. At only $15.00 each, these would make great birthday or Christmas gifts!

All of the nests are made of copper wire. However, if you look closely, you’ll see the eggs are different colors (blue, golden, white, gray, brown speckled), or different sizes, or a different number of eggs in the nest, and the chains are of different colors or sizes. So, choose your favorite and let me know what number necklace you’d like when you order, and I’ll get it out to you ASAP! I’ll cover the shipping, too!




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