Necklace Owyhee Blue Opal Rectangle Package Stone Cabochon Silver Wire Glass Beads


Owyhee Blue Opal Rectangle Cabochon Silver Wire Glass Beads

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This Owyhee Blue Opal rectangular cabochon is beautiful all by itself. Common Opal is normally opaque with the color range including white, blue, pink, yellow/orange, brown or black. However, the name of this type of opal originates from the Owyhee region in Oregon and Idaho as well as from around the Virgin Valley of Nevada. Blue opals from this area can be sold for $3 to $9 per carat given their quality, size, and coloring.

This pretty blue opal is one of my ‘Package’ wire wraps. It measures 3/4″ X 1/2″ and is 14.2 carats. Its wrapped in silver wire which represents the ‘ribbon’ and incorporates some blue glass beads as the ‘bow’. This unique pendant hangs neatly from a black leather-like cord with coordinating silver lobster clasp and chain.

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