Gemstone Information

Due to inquiries and questions I’ve received from some of my customers about the possible healing properties of the genuine stones I use for many of my necklaces, I’ve decided to post this here to help direct interested customers to the answers.

Some believe there are particular healing properties or ‘chakra’, that can be obtained by using individual types of mineral stones. If you happen to have questions of your own about what stones have what potential properties, I do mention a few of those noted properties in the descriptions of the stones I used in the making of those particular necklaces.

Although I only use mineral stones for making my necklaces, I do understand that many use them personally for their prospective properties. So, to help those who are interested in all aspects of these beautiful, genuine gemstones, I’m posting this link to “The Crystal Council” where 298 different mineral stones are listed along with their properties, origin, history, and world locations.


Although I’m not affiliated with any other websites and I get no payments of any kind for posting this link, I’m simply offering it to accommodate any of my customers, or potential customers, who have questions or may be interested.