Thanks for visiting my site. While I don’t make custom orders, I’m happy to answer questions or consider suggestions concerning future jewelry pieces or sets. Just email me from the “Contact Me” page.

Concerning shipping; I know you want to receive your items as soon as possible. No one wants to wait for weeks for something they’ve bought, especially if its a timely gift for someone special. So, I ship items on business days (Monday – Friday) or the first business day after weekends and holidays. That way, you can receive your items within just a few days or less! Of course, I will always send you the Tracking number so you will know where your items are at any time and when to expect them.

Would you like to have your things shipped for FREE? Just place an order of $15 or more (before tax and shipping) and everything in your order will be shipped absolutely FREE, regardless of how many items are in that order! You might also be one of the blessed buyers who receives a little surprise of your own!

The items on my site are usually small in size and weight so I find it generally less expensive to send them through USPS. That would also be my preferred carrier even if you should choose not to take advantage of the free shipping for orders over $15. That means you’d be getting your items in your mailbox instead of waiting for a truck at your door. If I ever need to ship anything using UPS or FedEx, I will certainly contact you through email if you send me your email address.